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The Net Zero Building Conference is an online conference which is being held on April 22nd 2021. The event is focused on delivering sustainable buildings in the commercial & industrial sector. The event will run live online from 10am to 4pm GMT. The sessions will also be available for download by participants following the event.  
Post date: 9 Apr 2021
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ZERO-PLUS is a comprehensive, cost-effective approach for the design, construction and monitoring of Net Zero Energy Settlements (NZESs).  
Post date: 19 Feb 2021
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In view of the ambitious 2050 full decarbonisation target and the need to reduce the initial and operational costs of buildings, the revival of the ‘neighbourhood’ concept is greatly endorsed in recent years.   The ZERO-PLUS project has developed a method and accompanying tools to provide an overarching solution to the barriers for the successful construction of new residential Net Zero Energy Settlements (NZES).
Post date: 11 Feb 2021
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Webinar / February 25 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm PST / Building Innovation   Building electrification technologies are potential game changers for getting to zero in the built environment.  
Post date: 5 Feb 2021
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The COP26 climate summit hosted by the UK in November will include a focus on architecture and construction after its president Alok Sharma announced plans to include a ‘built environment day’   Sharma, who last week quit as business secretary to focus on his climate role full-time, revealed the decision in a recent letter to the World Green Building Council. In it, he said that ‘action to decarbonise the buildings and construction sector is critical to meeting our Paris Agreement goals’.
Post date: 14 Jan 2021
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NBI's 2020 list of pioneering zero energy (ZE) projects represents the latest growth in a rapidly expanding market. ZE buildings are extremely energy efficient, with a median site EUI of only 23 kBtu/sf/yr*, and consume only as much energy as is produced onsite with clean, renewable energy resources such as solar.  
Post date: 15 Dec 2020
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The concept of zero energy settlements is relatively new as, until recently, the focus of EU policy was mainly on the building scale. These days, in view of the ambitious 2050 full decarbonisation target, the revival of the ‘neighborhood’ concept and the need to reduce the initial and operational costs the benefits from designing at the settlement level have been put in the spotlight.   
Post date: 23 Oct 2020
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WHAT: A new forum to celebrate and learn from the leaders in business and finance who are investing in a zero carbon future through their buildings and products   WHEN: Oct 7-8, 2020   WHERE: Anywhere you are  
Post date: 5 Aug 2020
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NZ20: The Net Zero 2020 Conference & Expo September 15 - 16, 2020  
Post date: 30 Jul 2020
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EIT Climate-KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, we identify and support innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change. We believe that a decarbonised, sustainable economy is not only necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change, but presents a wealth of opportunities for business and society.  
Post date: 21 Jul 2020
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