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DEEP (De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform)

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The De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP) is an open source database for energy efficiency investments performance monitoring and benchmarking that provides detailed analysis and evidence on the performance of energy efficiency investments to support the assessment of the related benefits and financial risks.


The main objective of the DEEP Platform is to better understand the real risks and benefits of energy efficiency investments based on market evidence and track record. By disclosing thousands of data points showing the real technical and financial data from a large number of implemented energy efficiency projects across the economy, the DEEP platform is a new source of operational risk management information, which will help project developers, financiers, and investors better assess the risks and benefits of energy efficiency investments across Europe.


The data on energy efficiency projects included in the DEEP has been provided by public and private investment funds and financial institutions, national and regional authorities, as well as energy efficiency solution providers. The projects in DEEP are not a statistically representative sample of all energy efficiency projects in Europe. They are a collection of implemented projects with at least a minimum data set made available by the data providers, which give useful insights into the market. Any reported economic indicators reflect the individual situation of the included projects.


The De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP) can be accessed online at: http://deep.eefig.eu