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EnerMaps project: A news open energy data tool for energy transition

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Credits: EnerMaps project

EnerMaps Open Data Management Tool aims to improve data management and accessibility in the field of energy research for the renewable energy industry.


It accelerates and facilitates the energy transition offering a qualitative and user-friendly digital platform to the energy professionals.


The project is based on the FAIR data principle which requires data to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.


EnerMaps project coordinates and enriches existing energy databases to promote trans-disciplinary research and to develop partnerships between researchers and the energy professionals.


EnerMaps project will work to improve data access by establishing two accessible and interconnected instruments, providing a significant number of energy datasets and perform a quality-check on a selection of critical data.


Centralising all the research articles and publications on the same platform: EnerMaps Gateway. The research community can access an unlimited number of articles and publications about renewable energy.


To support energy research at a European level, EnerMaps’ tool helps actors in the energy industry to meet and share their knowledge easily.


It targets: energy planners, utilities, managers and consultants, public administration officers, policy decision makers, energy research communities, social innovation experts, data providers.


Capacity building as an important component of EnerMaps project, training future users to make the most out EnerMaps’ tools.


A full program of action-learning and train trainer techniques will be released in 2021 and 2022.


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