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Low Energy Building Database

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Credits: https://www.lowenergybuildings.org.uk/

The Low Energy Building Database is a repository of low-energy building information created to support the planning and development of low energy new build and refurbishment with exemplary case studies. This tool was developed following the Retrofit for Future (RfF) programme launched in the UK about ten years ago, when £17m have been allocated by the government for increasing the energy efficiency of the building stock. Following this experience, this database collects in organized technical sheets, the technical description and the performances of exemplary low energy buildings. The low energy building database has been developed as an education and dissemination tool, incorporating both the RfF projects as well as new and refurbished domestic and non-domestic low energy buildings.


Every building sheet is organised with a short technical description, and includes the main building features and performances, with figures and charts.


In particular, the section “Figures” reports an overview of the building performances, including the energy used, the renewable energy produced, the envelope air tightness and the assessment method (if calculated or measured values).


The section “Strategies” reports the main approaches of the design and the solutions planned for heating, cooling, domestic hot water production, renewables, daylighting, insulation and air tightness. This part highlights how the main design approach and strategies are set.


The Section “Building” highlighted how the design strategies have been implemented, with a detailed explanation of the technologies adopted and the reached performances for all the building element and heating, ventilation air conditioning system.


The database is accessible from here and there is also the possibility for the users to create and include a new project in the database.