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BUILD UP Skills publishes first phase results: more than 3 million on-site workers in Europe require training on energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2020

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BUILD UP Skills publishes first phase results: more than 3 million on-site worke

The publication that is released this week bundles the findings and reports provided by the 30 BUILD UP Skills national project teams. BUILD UP Skills is a strategic European initiative to stimulate the training of craftspeople and other on-site workers in the building sector on the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energy. This publication not only provides an overview of the achievements realised by 30 national project teams, but also focuses on their experiences with the cross European collaboration with other national teams.


As currently buildings account for about 40% of the EU's final energy demand, the building sector has a key role to play when it comes to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. BUILD UP Skills was developed as an initiative to tackle an important part of this issue that has not been addressed on a European scale before: training of the building workforce on these topics.


Read more in the BUILD UP Skills publication to find out about European collaboration between the 30 national project teams involved in the first phase, how each team identified national barriers for training the workforce, which measures should be taken to overcome these barriers, and about how many workers need to be trained across Europe to reach the European 20-20-20 energy objectives.


The BUILD UP Skills initiative was funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme, managed by the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (EASME, formerly EACI).