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Building the Energy Transition April 24 - 26 in Växjö Sweden

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The Energy Cities Annual Rendezvous for 2013 will take place April 24th - 26th. This event has been co-organised with the City of Växjö & Klimatkommunerna in collaboration with Linnaeus University (LNU).

Within a city’s scope of action, buildings are the most visible and tangible sector in which the local energy transition shapes up. They are not mere objects, but are part of a bigger urban, environmental, transport, economic and social picture.

The 2013 Rendezvous in Växjo will focus on retrofit success stories from all over Europe, discuss building standards and energy performance contracting, emphasize the role of district heating and cooling as well as the use of renewables at large scale. It will also question the role of ICT and address the financial framework for executing the energy transition.

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