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ECSO report identifies BUILD UP Skills as best practice

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ECSO report identifies BUILD UP Skills as best practice

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European Construction Sector Observatory report identifies BUILD UP Skills as best practice


The final version of the analytical report on ‘Improving the human capital basis’ by the European Contruction Sector Observatory (ECSO) is out, with direct references to the BUILD UP Skills initiative highlighting some of the projects carried out under the second Pillar as well as Horizon 2020 Construction Skills projects.


ECSO is a 3-year (2015-2017) action under the COSME Programme which aims to inform European policymakers & stakeholders on market conditions and policy developments in the construction sector in the 28 Member States, through regular analysis and comparative assessments. The main ECSO deliverables include country fact sheets, a policy measures database as well as analytical reports.


At the end of June, an Analytical Report on Improving the human capital basis was published. It provides an interesting overview of the existing skills gaps and the challenges linked to the upskilling of construction professionals, particularly with regard to energy efficiency, sustainability or digitalisation (e.g. BIM).


Some of the positive quotes referring to the BUILD UP Skills initiative:


  • Energy efficiency initiatives are greatly supported by the EU co-funded BUILD UP Skills programme, which is present in all EU Member States, and is often the only action taken by Member States, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Southern Europe.”(Section 5 - Policy Initiatives)
  • Set-up of an EU-wide digital skill project: This experiment has already been carried out in relation to strengthening the skill-base in terms of energy efficiency in the building workforce. Indeed, the BUILD UP Skills project has proved to be a successful best practice, relying on all Member States joining forces to find a common solution and approach to impart a new set of skills in response to the increasingly stringent energy efficiency requirements. A similar initiative could therefore be envisaged also in the area of digital technologies. As explored above, some projects involving consortia of Member States have already been launched, particularly with respect to the assessment of BIM skill needs and the creation of streamlined training programmes. The next step could thus entail the expansion of the scope of similar projects to include all Member States and explore such topics at the broader EU level, so as to develop harmonised vocational and education training programmes across Europe.” (Section 6 - Conclusions)


The full report is available here:


More on the European Contruction Sector Observatory (ECSO) at: