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€71.6 million investment made in nZEBs by municipalities and building professionals involved in AIDA

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Municipal representatives together with architects and master-builders took part in the AIDA project with the objective to accelerate the market entry of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB) using renewable energy sources. A newly released report highlighted the projects main achievements together with best practices and success stories in the field of nZEB.


According to the report the project enabled the market uptake of nZEBs in Europe by assisting 28 municipalities in seven EU countries to develop tenders and feasibility studies for new and renovated nearly zero-energy buildings. It also supported 26 municipalities in the creation of sustainable energy action plans (SEAPs) within their Covenant of Mayors membership or similar roadmaps. Furthermore, AIDA increased the visibility of front runner buildings by offering 86 study tours for more than 3200 European building professionals and local decision makers. More than 1600 building professionals used the online tool on integrated energy design. A 71.6 Million EUR investment was made in nZEBs by municipalities and building professionals, leading to 171 toe/yr renewable energy production, 486 toe/yr primary energy savings and 1.482 tons CO2 equ. emission reduction.


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