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European Commission launches EPC campaign

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To facilitate the further development of the ESCO/EPC market, DG Energy launched an EPC campaign to promote and build capacity for Energy Performance Contracting and Energy Services Companies throughout Europe.


The aim of the EPC campaign is to enable country-specific discussion and capacity building of the core stakeholders, which should enable better understanding of the business model, its challenges and opportunities, increase confidence regarding its reliability and effectiveness, and help Member States in establishing a legal and financial framework for the market with energy services.


The European Commission EPC campaign will be implemented during 2013, mainly through capacity building workshops, organised by three partners: the European Public-Private Partnership Expertise Centre – EPEC (targeting central governments), ManagEnergy (targeting regional actors), and the Covenant of Mayors (targeting local actors and Covenant signatories).



In particular, the Covenant of Mayors is involved in this campaign through the organisation of webinars that will focus on the barriers and solutions encountered by municipalities which have been using EPC. The first webinar, held on 13 November, explained the concept of EPC and how it works in practice, stressing the cost-benefit for municipalities and the contractual process binding both parties. Presentations of this webinar are available.


In the same framework, ManagEnergy will, from now and until the end of next year, be organising a series of regional targeted capacity buildings workshops.