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German research network "Energie in Gebäuden und Quartieren" ("Energy in buildings and districts") holds first conference: summary report and feedback

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In October 2014, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) launched the “Energy in buildings and districts” - “Energie in Gebäuden und Quartieren” research network with the aim to strengthen the systemic approach to energy research and thus support the energy transition in the building sector as well as create a transparent interface between research, practice and policy.


The first annual conference of the network was held in Berlin on March 26-27, 2015. During the conference, more than 200 experts from research, industry associations as well as policy makers gathered to exchange ideas for the future research strategy in the field of energy efficient buildings and urban districts. The event also led to the formation of the following working groups:


  • interface human – technology;
  • urban energy infrastructure;
  • energy monitoring and diagnosis procedures;
  • life cycle analysis for buildings and building materials;
  • planning instruments;
  • adaptive and active facades;
  • building system technology;
  • new funding formats and competitions;
  • (further) education and qualification of the crafts and trades. 


A new funding initiative, “Solares Bauen / Energieeffiziente Stadt”, was also introduced by the ministry which will focus on system-related research approaches, on cross-technology research and interdisciplinary cooperation.


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