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Revised focus & timeline for the 2020 Roger Léron Award

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FEDARENE reveals the adjustments to this year’s Award due to the impact of covid-19.

In March 2020, FEDARENE launched the 2020 Roger Léron Award and its call for nominations in order to celebrate outstanding contributions to sustainable energy at local, regional and European level.


In the meantime, Europe and the other continents were going through one of the most dreadful crisis ever experienced, both in terms of health and economy. The covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, including the way we work and communicate.


This is why we had to rethink the concept of the 2020 Roger Léron Award. Firstly, the Award Ceremony and the celebration of FEDARENE’s 30th anniversary, originally planned for the 16th of September, had to be postponed. The Roger Léron Award Ceremony that will reveal the 2020 winner is now foreseen for the last week of November. FEDARENE will closely monitor the situation to make sure its guests from across Europe are able to travel and arrive safely in Brussels for the event. Should this not be possible, appropriate measures will be taken.


FEDARENE has also decided to change the focus of its 2020 edition. The traditional call for nominations has now been replaced by a major retrospective into the past editions of the Prize, allowing to shed light one more time on all nominations received over the past 5 years. These will be evaluated by our jury of experts. Indeed, although winners have emerged from our past editions, all nominations were of exceptional quality, and should be fully recognized as such.


The Energy Transition should and will go on, and the extraordinary individuals behind it should be celebrated. What’s more: the transition to a more sustainable world will be an integral part of the recovery.


The FEDARENE network already thanks you for your support to the Roger Léron Award. We encourage you to stay tuned, as stories from previous Roger Léron Award nominees will soon be shared to inspire you all to lead the Energy Transition on the ground!