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Start of the German € 500 mio retrofit campaign for government buildings

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As part of the second economic stimulus package a € 500 mio programme for the retrofit of government buildings has been created in Germany. On 21 May the German minister for buildings, Wolfgang Tiefensee, has announced which building projects will be part of programme. The amount of € 500 mio will be divided into 900 retrofit projects. The financial volume of all but 3 projects is lower than € 10 mio. Most of the projects will receive between € 100.000 and € 2 mio. It is expected that the local companies and the small trade will profit especially from those small and medium building projects. The list of chosen building projects includes: The Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, the European School in Munich, Castle Rheinsberg, the Martin-Gropius-Building in Berlin and the Berlin Festival Building.