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Tackling energy poverty in Europe

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In this short interview, Marina Varvesi, Coordinator of H2020 project ASSIST, explains how to tackle energy poverty with free assistance and advice. She also gives some tips on how to prepare a successful project proposal.

ASSIST is a 3-year H2020 project that started in 2017. It is implemented in six countries: Italy, Spain, UK, Poland, Finland and Belgium.


The idea is to contribute to tackle energy poverty through operators with integrated competencies.


The project is using the existing network of Households Energy Advisers (HEA) – people who are already working in the field.


The objective is to give them the right competencies to be able to provide advice to consumers in energy poverty. They are supposed to advise on energy consumption, on small retrofitting, on energy habits, etc.


The most important is that they have to do it in easy words, no technical language.


They have to establish a trustworthy communication with consumers, a real relation of trust and help. The project foresees trainings of HEAs, networking and their actions on the ground.


To read the full interview, follow the link below!