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Task 59's Autumn Newsletter

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Task 59´s Autumn newsletter is out!


The International Energy Agency's IEA-SHC Task 59: Renovating Historic Buildings towards zero energy (HistoricNZEB) showcases examples of how historic buildings from across the world can be renovated to allow substantial reductions in energy use and associated carbon dioxide emissions, while safeguarding the buildings’ cultural significance.


This newsletter gives you an overview of the project’s latest case studies added to the HiBERATLAS platform, our new blog posts, and updates on the project’s meetings and workshops.


Contents are:

  • Save the date - Task 59 Final Conference from the 14th to the 16th April 2021
  • 7th Expert Meeting
  • HIBERATLAS platform - latest cases
  • New blog posts
  • SUBTASK C Update
  • Past events and upcoming events

Check it out here!