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A people-powered energy system: activating the community energy market for bioenergy

In the updated Renewable Energy Directive II, the EU clearly considers community energy as a key factor for future Renewable Energy market uptake and mandates Member States to implement regulatory frameworks for enabling and facilitating...

7 H2020 projects partner up to advise EU leaders how to prepare buildings for the energy transition

The transition to a forward-looking climate neutral economy, announced in the European Green Deal, demands an action plan where public and private sector investments are channeled towards climate-friendly technologies and business models.     To...

Guiding SMEs and national authorities through the energy transition by taking profit of multiple benefits and energy management approaches

Conducting energy audits and implementing energy management systems can be a source of multiple benefits for companies if they tap into the wide potential deriving from their recommendations: reduced operating costs, increased productivity, improved...

Investigating how to tackle energy poverty in the EU private rented sector

Around 50 million households in the European Union are estimated to be living in energy poverty – or energy vulnerability, unable to afford the energy needed to adequately heat or cool their homes. This is caused by a combination of factors...

Five countries to become the field of behavioural experiments to encourage energy efficiency habits

Achieving the full energy transition potential calls for a paradigm shift, and many solutions are investigated to involve as much people as possible and support them reducing their energy consumption.   This September 2020...