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4th congress Bauhaus.SOLAR

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The 4th International Congress Bauhaus.SOLAR focuses on the photovoltaic form of generating energy. The primary emphasis is on architectural integration of solar systems, which are becoming ever more important in the design of living spaces given the constantly rising number of systems in operation.
Array Society and its urban and architectural forms of expression are undergoing a change. Limited resources, global warming, high CO2 emissions and the changing laws are all causing a major reevaluation that will permanently alter our environment. Scientific establishments and industry are called upon to change regions, cities, buildings and products´ responsibly and to embed them into an entirely new concept. Necessary Technological changes are provoking us to reconsider designs at every scale.

Urban planners, landscape architects, building architects, civil engineers, technicians, developers, designers, users and architectural theoreticians from different scientific and economic institutions are invited to get involved in, discuss and learn from this multidisciplinary congress where everyone can uncover and present future possibilities, trends and visions.

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