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ManagEnergy at EUSEW ’13: a roundup of events

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Medium_0001648_cropped ManagEnergy had a very busy EUSEW 2013 co-organising four events, meeting new contacts from all over Europe and distributing the newly published 2013 Energy Agencies Directory and Energy Agencies Map. The main theme of EUSEW 2013 was financial mechanisms, innovative financing and the need to change political will into investment to ensure Europe meets its 2020 energy and climate targets.

The ManagEnergy Annual Conference

The 2013 ManagEnergy conference played a central role at this year’s EUSEW. The conference, jointly organised with the Covenant of Mayors,opened EUSEW 2013. Its themes focused on current political, economic and social concerns and the need for new financial models to boost sustainable energy investments in Europe. It hosted 17 high-level speakers from the European Commission, financial institutions, cities, and energy agencies across Europe, with two main panels devoted to the subjects of: market up-take of renewable energy and energy efficiency at local level and examples of local authorities using energy performance contracting and innovative financing. The event had great turnout: more than 350 in attendance throughout the morning, with many additional viewers on the live online stream. Two examples illustrated how citizen-led initiatives are leading financial models. Karel Derveaux presented the REScoop project that created an information exchange platform between existing renewable energy cooperatives across Europe with the goal of promoting citizen-led initiatives and boosting their replication. Barbara Hammond, Low Carbon Hub, Oxford, provided another valuable example where the Oxfordshire community developed community funded renewable energy and energy reduction projects, with the support of local government. Both examples are successful alternatives to the market take up of energy efficiency and renewable energy investments at the local level. Download presentations and view photos here.


Networking event: Innovative financing approaches: concrete examples from MLEI PDA projects

ManagEnergy's networking event—Innovative financing approaches: concrete examples from MLEI PDA projects—focused on the experiences of four local and regional authorities funded by MLEI PDA (Mobilising Local Energy Investments - Project Development Assistance), an initiative of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme that supports local and regional authorities launch investments based on innovative, highly replicable approaches. Representatives from each project presented their work on setting up financing solutions in different sectors:

Download presentations from the workshop and read the conference summary here. View pictures here.



Networking event: Sustainable Energy Financing for Municipalities and Regions

This ManagEnergy Networking Event co-organised with FEDARENE provided a unique opportunity for Directors of Energy Agencies to learn and share views on sustainable energy financing initiatives at local and regional level. The programme started with presentations on the future of Structural and Cohesion Funds, the EU EPC Campaign and local examples of contracting, intracting (internal contracting) and regional funds. Some main points from the day included: the need for increased cooperation between municipalities so that small regions can pool resources ensuring more projects are undertaken, the potential for energy agencies to offer financial advice to local authorities and the effectiveness of using energy performance contracting in municipalities to reduce energy use and save on energy costs. Download presentations from the workshop here.



Networking event: Discover concrete solutions on how to tackle fuel poverty within your region

This fuel poverty workshop, organised by ACHIEVE and EC LINC with the support of ManagEnergy, presented tools, recommendations and experiences on how to tackle fuel poverty and develop large-scale energy advice services for low-income households facing difficulties with their energy bills. The networking meeting was moderated by Christine Liddell, professor of psychology at the Psychology Research Institute of the University of Ulster. Lara Blake, policy officer at DG Energy and organiser of the Vulnerable Consumer Working Group and the Citizens' Energy Forum, opened the event with a presentation on the challenges and solutions for vulnerable customers in Europe. Download presentations from the workshop here.


What do you consider to be the most urgent challenges facing local energy leaders today? We want to hear from you—ManagEnergy is interested in your ideas for future networking meetings. Let us know at: