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Measuring impacts of energy efficiency policies and measures: Core Theme Series Report CAESDII/CTSR/2.1

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This report summarises the work carried out during the first year of the Concerted Action for the Energy Services Directive II (CA ESD) for the topic: "Measuring impacts of energy efficiency policies and measures‟. The objective of the work was to obtain an overall picture of the methods used to calculate the energy savings calculations for the 2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs) in Member States (MS). The work also covered reporting of the savings in the 2nd NEEAPs and how MS have used this information in other purposes.

This report looks in particular at the energy savings calculation methods, both top down (TD) as well as bottom up (BU), used by MS in their energy savings calculations, and how they reported the methods and the savings in the 2nd NEEAPs.

The work also summarises how MS found the reporting template provided by the European Commission for the 2nd NEEAP in terms of reporting the energy savings and calculation methods and other optional reporting parts. Furthermore, the aim was to gain information on whether optional reporting parts in the 2nd NEEAP template were used for reporting “all energy savings”, instead of only savings in the ESD scope or Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) reporting obligations.


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