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Public Sector: national, regional and local initiatives: Core Theme Series Report CAESDII/CTSR/3.1

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This report summarises the work carried out during the first year of the Concerted Action for the Energy Services Directive II (CA ESD) on the theme ―Public sector: national, regional and local initiatives.

The main objective was to investigate public procurement as an effective tool to help the public sector in its exemplary role imposed by the ESD, with a focus given to co-operation between different levels of national, regional and local.
A review of the state-of-play on energy efficient public procurement at the European Union (EU) level concluded that the current EU legislation is scattered and there are no mandatory provisions. The new energy efficiency directive is strongly expected to lead to a clearer and more ordered situation.
Issues related to procurement in the public sector in the EU were identified as important as public sector consumption constitutes a considerable share of the EU Gross Domestic Product, the share of public buildings in the overall building stock is considerable and the average energy performance of the existing building stock, including the public sector, is low. Despite the facts energy efficiency is not systematically integrated into public procurement processes.


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