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The CONCERTO initiative of the European Union presents new videos in its Video Gallery

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The 58 CONCERTO communities demonstrate new, realistic models to bridge towards smart cities and communities with good examples for sustainable district development as well as for refurbishment in buildings. 14 video clips have been finalised and are now available on the website of CONCERTO on the video gallery.

- All of the video clips lead to a kaleidoscope of fascinating characters including representatives of local authorities, city planners, city commissioners for energy management, teenagers, residents of retrofitted buildings etc. The protagonists are either project partners in CONCERTO or affected by CONCERTO measures. Each protagonist in the different videos embodies a clear message: “If others can manage, why should I hesitate to try it as well!” They will give the incentive to encourage future projects. The videos have been produced and directed in collaboration with fechnerMEDIA: production.
Made during the weeks spent travelling around filming, small “making of” videos have already been published on the new CONCERTO YouTube channel (

The video languages are: English, Deutsch, español, français, italiano, polski

1. Ready to go - the Trailer (Examples from diverse CONCERTO sites)
2. Ready to go - Energy solutions for smart cities and communities (Examples from diverse CONCERTO sites)
3. Integrated Planning of an Urban District (Example Grenoble, France)
4. Smart Energy Monitoring and Energy Management (Example Ostfildern, Germany)
5. Creating Energy Awareness (Example Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)
6. Saving energy by retrofitting (Example Obuda, Budapest, Hungary)
7. Saving Energy in Public Buildings (Example Ostfildern, Germany)
8. Towards Zero Emission Buildings (Examples Cloughjordan, Ireland and Milton Keynes, United Kingdom)
9. A District Heating System with Solar Storage (Example Salzburg, Lehen, Austria)
10. Energy Efficient Cooling (Example Cerdanyola, Spain)
11. Electricity, heat and fertilizer from manure - a large scale biogas plant (Example Maabjerg, Denmark)
12. A city goes energy efficient - a holistic concept that works (Example Växjö, Sweden)
13. Winning residents' approval for retrofitting (Example Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
14. Start your Smart City (Example Lyon and further CONCERTO sites)


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CONCERTO initiative video clips

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These real cases and characters are authentic and at the same time represent role models in order to personify processes of change, professional skills and success. Every protagonist embodies the following clear message: “If others could manage, why should I hesitate to try it as well!”.

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