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The CONCERTO APP - Create energy efficient buildings and urban neighbourhoods in an interactive 3D environment!

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The CONCERTO APP Experience the impact of sustainable construction and renewable energy sources.
The overall aim of the game is to reduce CO2 emission and to increase the share of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures in buildings. This can be reached by interaction with the touch navigation undertaking energy saving measures at building level and by combining low carbon technologies at neigbourhood level. The user of the game first is given a short briefing and then invited to act. Each measure is illustrated by a real example of the CONCERTO projects.
The features of the APP are:

  1. Augmented Reality and Touch Navigation
  2. Interactive 3d environment
  3. Edutainment
  4. Gamification
  5. Information about CONCERTO projects
  6. 13 videos presenting energy efficiency measures, renewable energies and integrated low carbon technologies, ready to be applied

The APP is available as augmented reality APP for iOS and ANDROID but also touch navigation in common 3D without augmented reality support for windows 8 tablet. The same version is also available as an executable installation file (exe-file) for PC.
The AR APP is applicable for iOS and Android devices: