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Putting communities at the heart of the new energy system in Europe - and beyond

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Europe is in transition and everyone can have a role in the new energy system. Citizens and local governments are forming new initiatives to provide locally produced green energy for their community.
Local action on energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy contributes to the achievement of the EU’s 20-20-20 climate and energy targets. But continuous support for energy efficiency and renewable energy production will reduce the dependency on energy imports, reduce energy prices, and boost local economies creating more value as well as new local jobs

With this article we would like to show that local authorities are rapidly increasing their efforts for climate action and the transition towards green growth throughout energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy.
Covenant signatories aim to reduce their CO₂ emissions almost by 30 per cent by 2020, thus showing the potential for more ambitious emission reduction targets in Europe. The sectors addressed within the Covenant of Mayors initiative are municipal buildings, equipment/facilities, tertiary buildings, equipment/facilities, residential buildings and transport, whereas industry is optional. The buildings sector is responsible for more than half of the overall CO2 emissions,followed by transport.

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