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REGent – energy efficiency advice and support in Ghent (BE)

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The largest potential in energy saving relies in heating. Extra benefits can be yielded when supporting refurbishment of social housing. This allows lowering the heating costs of the tenants – as well as avoid the need for the municipality to cover the costs of heating when the tenants are not able to pay these costs themselves.

The city of Ghent, with a population of 248,242 inhabitants, assesses that a shift to sustainable housing would save 26% the CO₂ emissions of the city. One step towards using this reduction potential is to supply construction advice for free. This encourages people to be informed about insulation, materials to use, energy and water supplies. The ‘environment advice shop’ hosts experts in these different fields to provide support.

To ensure this objective the REGent project has been established. REGent is an office giving advice about energy efficiency for households with a focus on low income households. Its focus is three fold:
- First, it offers energy scans for free. This allows a full scan of the household to assess where energy can be saved. During the four years from 2009-2012, 5313 scans have been executed with an estimated energy reduction of 8-10% per energy scan. 25% of the scans were targeting rented apartments or houses and 32% social houses.
- Second, when you plan to refurbish, REGent offers the most sustainable and affordable solutions (tax information, financial advice, guidance during execution, etc.). Citizens can ask for help to find a constructor, to find and apply for subventions and to help to fill in tax papers. Group purchases for rooftop and window insulation are one example of the possibilities.
- Third, REGent offers low cost loans (2% interest rate) for investment needed to achieve the energy savings. These offers are targeted to all the inhabitants of the city, but deprived neighbourhoods have a priority. For some works, households can obtain a loan (financed by FRGE) with no interest charged.
In 2012 REGent dealt with 1214 advice requests, gave guidance for 400 households and approved 423 sustainable energy loans.
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In 2012 REGent dealt with 1214 advice requests, gave guidance for 400 households and approved 423 sustainable energy loans.

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