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Habitat neuf et RT 2012 : les solutions avec le fioul domestique

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Oil heating solutions

Oil heating solutions

A deeply revised regulation on the energy performance of buildings (RT 2012) is applicable in France for new buildings since 1 January 2013.

This document from the French association "Alliance Solutions Fioul" for the promotion of liquid fuels in buildings describes:

- the requirements of the regulation

- the typologies of houses and the energy performance required for their envelope

- the efficient heating and domestic hot water solutions that use oil (condensing boiler coupled with a solar thermal water heater, solar thermal heating and domestic hot water with an oil boiler as an auxiliary system, condensing boiler for heating and domestic hot water heat pump, oil micro-CHP unit) ; the document also shows the performance level of each of these solutions according to the calculation of the regulation, as well as the cost of their installation.

An example is then described: a well-insulated house equipped with a condensing boiler and a solar thermal system has reached an energy consumption level 20% below the requirement of the regulation.
Finally, the document lists the references of the various decrees and bylaws that are part of the French regulation.