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A snapshot of national renovation strategies: BPIE

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A snapshot of national renovation strategies. Examples from selected EU Member States


This briefing provides a snapshot of measures supporting building renovation in selected Member States as of September 2017. As many national processes are highly dynamic, the situation may change quickly.


To document the efforts made by Member States, BPIE partnered with the Renovate Europe Campaign to examine the strategies provided by selected countries (Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain). The briefing reviews the steps taken to implement the 2014 version of the renovation strategies and what progress has been made with the 2017 update (for selected countries).


The analysis found a range of measures which were newly implemented or developed further to stimulate the renovation of the building stock. Clearly, some of the reviewed strategies show that it is possible to introduce strategic policies and supporting measures which are benefitting citizens and the economy alike. These countries also prove that progress in renovating the building stock can be achieved if political will and priority setting are allowing it. This document lists some of the major steps taken by national governments as a source of inspiration for others to follow.