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HISER project final conference: new circular economy solutions for the construction sector

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HISER project final conference: new circular economy solutions for the construction sector

HISER project final conference: new circular economy solutions for the construction sector

New technological methods for increasing quality and quantity of recovered construction & demolition waste, promoting the consideration of end-of-life management of buildings and building components at their design stage, and enhancing awareness of the impact construction materials and debris have on health and the environment, will be presented during the final conference of HISER. HISER is an EU project dedicated to holistic solutions for a higher recovery of raw materials from construction and demolition waste (C&DW) by considering circular economy approaches throughout the building value chain.

The final conference of the project is organised during EU Raw Materials Week 2018 in Brussels in La Plaza Hotel, on 16th of November 2018. Agnieszka Kowalska, an Expert of ASM - Market Research and Analysis Center (project consortium member responsible among others for HISER dissemination) informed us that after nearly four years of collaboration in the project, the aim of this final event is to present HISER findings in an attractive way to contribute to the dissemination of the knowledge and experience gathered throughout the project - Covered topics will include among others innovative demolition methods and tools  –  Mrs. Kowalska adds - together with technological solutions for closing material loops.

HISER will increase the use of recovered raw materials. This will be achieved by the development of new building products through the partial replacement of virgin raw materials by higher amounts of secondary high-purity raw materials recovered from complex C&DW. Cost-effectiveness is also guaranteed by using novel harmonized methodological solutions and tools. Moreover, the project promotes advanced technical methods as well as technologies for the production of high-purity raw materials from complex C&DW. Some really unique solutions have been proposed, like harmonized procedures complemented with an smart tool (BIM) and a supply chain tracking system, for highly-efficient sorting at source in demolition and refurbishment works. These solutions have been demonstrated in demolition projects and five case studies across Europe. Moreover, the economic and environmental impact of the HISER solutions has been quantified, from a life cycle perspective. Market analysis and policy and standard recommendations encouraging the implementation of the best solutions have been drafted.

For more information about the Conference and registration please visit the HISER website: