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CraftEdu: A Horizon 2020 project setting up national qualification and training schemes for craftsmen in the Czech Republic and developing the further offer of training courses in Slovakia, Austria and Bulgaria

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Project concept

CraftEdu develops innovative qualification and training schemes for craftsmen and on-site workers in the field of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in buildings. It creates learning materials and paves the way for sustainable offering of educational courses on nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB), targeting the establishing of a solid based for the practical implementation of the upcoming ambitious new building standards.


What is our challenge?

There is an undisputable need for deep energy retrofit of the European building stock. However, we face low quality of construction works on-site directly influencing the energy performance buildings, decreasing number of pupils in the construction professional schools, low interest of youth and overall unfavourable image of the construction industry all over the continent – and all that in the light of dramatic structural changes in construction industry and technological progress related to energy efficiency and development of renewables. A significant gap between the skills of the construction workers and the market demands occurs, and focused actions at the core of the vocational education and training (VET) systems are needed.


How do we address it?

In general, craftsmen and on-site workers lack dedicated educational courses in energy efficiency and RES in buildings, especially at levels allowing performance at nZEB levels. The tightening of energy efficiency requirements for both new buildings and retrofits in the coming years poses a demanding task for the construction sector around EU. Right now, the capacity of the sector to deliver quality nZEB and eliminate performance gaps are limited. CraftEdu targets the following:

  • Setting up national qualification and training scheme for craftsmen in the Czech Republic and develop the further offer of training courses in Slovakia, Austria and Bulgaria;
  • Development of 7 new training programmes for craftsmen in the Czech Republic for the professions HVAC installer, Carpenter, Low-voltage electrician, High-voltage electrician, Hydro-insulator, Stove and chimney builder, Inspecting technician;
  • Development of 5 new training programmes for craftsmen in the Slovakia for the professions: Installer of fittings into construction openings – windows, Hydro-insulator, Low-voltage electrician, High-voltage electrician, Carpenter;
  • Elaboration of common learning outcomes leading to mutual recognition of the acquired qualification;
  • Piloting of the courses with 100 participants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia amd 40 in Austria and Bulgaria;
  • Mass roll out within the VET systems of the Czech Republic and Slovakia with 1000 trained students each;
  • Development of new e-learning programmes.

What is our team?

CraftEdu consortium comprises ten partners from four European countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. It combines the expertise of the most relevant state institutions and professional associations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and well established energy consultancies in Austria and Bulgaria with proven track record of delivery of training courses on energy efficiency in buildings. The team builds on the broad heritage of a number of successful EU projects as BUILD UP Skills StavEdu and BUILD UP Skills EnerPro, Train-to-nZEB, Fit-to-nZEB and NEWCOM, bridging their outcomes to the national-level training and educational practice as direct interventions in the VET systems in the target countries. SEVEn, the Energy Efficiency Centre of the Czech Republic, coordinates the project.

The members of consortium are:

  • SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, z.ú. (coordinator) / Czech Republic
  • VIAEUROPA Competence Center, sro / Slovakia
  • Zväz stavebných podnikateľov Slovenska / Slovakia
  • Svaz podnikatelů ve stavebnictví v ČR / Czech Republic
  • Ústav vzdelávania a služieb, sro / Slovakia
  • Slovenská inovačná a energetická agentúra / Slovakia
  • Nadace pro rozvoj architektury a stavitelství / Czech Republic
  • České vyskoé učení technické / Czech Republic
  • Energy Efficiency Center – EnEffect Foundation / Bulgaria
  • 17&4 Organisationsberatung GmbH / Austria

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