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Achieving Near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology

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Credits: H2020 ZERO-PLUS project

In this booklet, the results of the ZERO-PLUS are described emphasizing on the four case studies (UK, Italy, France, Cyprus), which all have now been constructed, commissioned and occupied. The case studies are in the monitoring phase where data about their energy environmental performance are being collected. These data will be used for the verification of the settlements’ performance. The four settlements are presented in their final -as built- state and the following aspects are examined in more detail:

  • The selection process of the technologies used in each case study
  • Implementation of the technologies selected for each case study
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance
  • Technical description of each case study


Furthermore, this booklet (no. 3) provides a description of the prefabrication and the system integration strategy tested specifically in the Cyprus case study and finally, gives a summary of the sample of a business plan for commercial scale implementation of the technologies and processes developed in the project.


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