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Step-by-step tool for energy retrofitting in condominiums

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Source: https://www.nweurope.eu/projects/project-search/accelerating-condominium-energy-retrofitting-ace-retrofitting/#tab-4 ; Credits: ACE-Retrofitting project

If you are from a public authority, wishing to support co-owners in their endeavour, do not hesitate to spread the guide amongst your city's condominiums. 


The guide is divided into three big phases: “First steps”, “Taking-off” and “The real thing”. All together, the guide counts 17 helpful items for soft and hard measures:

  • 14 documents are ready-to-use 
  • 3 documents are designed in a way as to be adapted by a public body, esp. regarding legal and financial issues, according to the local and national context. 


Keep in mind that there is no unique starting point or strict order to use the items. However, it makes sense for co-owners to define at what stage of the building retrofitting process their project is before going to a specific section of the guide.


FIRST STEPS: Why and how to start or further an energy retrofitting project?


These tools will help you:

  • Inspire condominium co-owners
  • Assess the existing and required resources
  • Mobilize co-owners around the retrofitting


TAKING OFF: How to get insight into all the relevant matters to be ready for an energy retrofitting project?


These tools will help you:

  • Design a retrofitting roadmap
  • Get legal, financial and technical information from experts
  • Learn about governance and communication schemes


THE REAL THING: What, when and how will be done in the energy retrofitting project?


This tool provides you with: 

  • A specific project management plan
  • A planned timetable
  • Transparent communication among the all stakeholders


For further infromation, it is possible to find all the guides in PPT, Word and Excel here


More about the project ACE-Retrofitting here.