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First meeting of SmartBuiltEU Task Forces

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Scheduled on February 22nd from 2.00 to 4.00 CET.

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The SmartBuilt4EU project launches its first workshop to identify barriers, challenges and opportunities to support the take up of smart buildings in Europe.


This session will introduce the four task forces that will each address a specific theme (see below) and will kick off their respective activity.


  • Task Force 1: Interaction with users
  • Task Force 2: Efficient building operation
  • Task Force 3: Interaction with the external environment
  • Task Force 4: Crosscutting issues (data, business & financing)

Each task force will develop a white paper every 6 month on a specific topic defined collectively. These white papers will feed the SmartBuilt4EU Strategic Research Agenda to be presented to the EC.


The workshop is scheduled on February 22nd from 2.00 to 4.00 CET.


You are invited to participate to this workshop and possibly join a task force by registering here. 

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