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[Webinar] Investing in a climate-neutral recovery, March 9

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This webinar will feature high-level presentations on the EU and Canada’s overarching plans and investment strategies to boost energy efficient renovations in buildings, as part of their sustainable economic recovery strategies.


Session one will look at the Government of Canada’s overarching plan to boost energy efficient renovations in buildings towards its net-zero by 2050 goal and how it supports sustainable economic recovery. 


It will also present how the Canadian Infrastructure Bank will channel investments into energy efficient retrofits as part of its plan to Grow the Economy and Create Jobs.  


Session two will focus on the EU economic recovery plan and highlight the main features of Next Generation EU and the EU economic recovery plan. It will investigate how instruments like the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility, and new programmes like InvestEU and the Just Transition Mechanism can channel investments for building renovations.


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In March 2020, Canada and the EU affirmed their determination to put into action energy efficient solutions in buildings at all levels of governance to address the climate challenge at a joint workshop organized by the European Commission and Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), within the framework of the Specific Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA).


Hosted by BPIE, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, the Canada-EU Exchange will continue in 2021 as a series of five webinars, running monthly from March until July.


The webinars will cover selected building policies and programmes, their implementation, best practices, and innovative policies across Canada and EU Member States.


The first webinar, hosted on March 9th, 2021, will focus on Investing in a climate-neutral recovery - the Recovery Plan for Europe (Next Generation EU) and financing mechanisms supporting building renovation in the EU multi-annual financial framework 2021-2027 and Canada’s overarching plans and investment strategies to boost energy efficient renovations in buildings.


The target audience for the webinar include representatives from national, provincial and territorial governments, local governments, NGOs, universities, research Institutions, and private sector participants.


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