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Post date: 17 mai 2021
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The historic residential building is located in the city center of Bolzano. It was built in 1926, near the old town, and it has hardly been changed on the outside, thanks to well thought-out renovation measures from the inside which ensure a new level of comfort and a minimization of the energy demand of the building.  
Post date: 29 avr 2021
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The renovation of this residential building locate in Munich was implemented in the framework of the FP7 funded E2Rebuild project:  
Post date: 29 mar 2021
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From office workers to students, Americans facing colder weather and more time inside have a pressing question: How can they keep safe amid a pandemic that scientists say thrives in indoor settings?   The search for answers has prompted a new look at what architects and their buildings can do to help, both now and in the future.  
Post date: 6 déc 2020
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The MOBISTYLE Expert tool has been developed within the H2020 project MOBISTYLE and it aims to allow the visualization and management of a big amount of data available from a building monitoring.  
Post date: 29 sep 2020
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The building is an office of the company Thales Communications & Security in Bordeaux Mérignac completed in 2017. Designed by the architect Jean-Philippe Le Covec to improve the performance and well-being of its occupants, the campus is composed by nine buildings in the heart of a landscaped park. The architect imagined at the entrance of the site, an entire building dedicated to the reception and services with a restaurant, a business center, a space dedicated to the works council, a conciergerie , a showroom and many meeting rooms.
Post date: 25 sep 2020
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The 2nd newsletter from Cultural-E project is out!   Check the project´s first year results:   Climate and cultural differences in energy use in domestic buildings Local policies and boundary conditions for PEHs How to support the design of Plus Energy Buildings: survey results   Latest updates on the channel:  
Post date: 23 sep 2020
Type: Actualité

Europe is known for its valuable built environment, which includes many historic homes and beautiful buildings. But peel back this façade and you’ll find that many are grossly inefficient. In fact, Europe’s buildings consume 40% of all the energy used across the continent and, in doing so, are responsible for 36% of all CO2 emissions.  
Post date: 28 aoû 2020
Type: Actualité

The estimated average gap between calculated and actual energy performance of the European building stock is 25% for energy performance and 1.5% for comfort performance (as scored by building occupants). Comprehensive research has shown that poorly commissioned and operated building management systems are often responsible for this gap, generally caused by the lack of appropriate and coherent Quality Management Systems (QMS) for building performance.  
Post date: 24 aoû 2020
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Energy-efficient upgrades to HVAC systems at schools and other critical buildings can prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Federal funding and tax incentives to make these building upgrades could catalyze a market already projected for growth.  The EU has already embraced building upgrades as part of the European Green Deal framework in its recovery package. What do climate change, COVID-19, and your air conditioner have in common? As it turns out, a lot.  
Post date: 19 aoû 2020
Type: Actualité