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The "EUREKA 2017: Heating, Cooling & Ventilation: Sustainable technologies for a better life" will take place on 11-12 December in Berlin, Germany.   For the second year in a row, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) and the European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA) will host a high-level conference bringing together NGOs, academia, decision-makers, and industry professionals across the HVAC-R value chain to brainstorm, build bridges, and positively impact our daily environment.
Post date: 25 oct 2017
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  By François Durier (CETIAT, France)     Certified characteristics of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) appliances are useful for product selection and users’ information needs. They also contribute to a fair competition between manufacturers. Certification of the energy performance parameters makes available trustworthy input data for the energy performance calculation of buildings.     What is certification?  
Post date: 23 aoû 2017
Type: Actualité

Smart construction rénovation complété par l'énergie solaire assistée par pompes à chaleur intégré au sein d'une auto-correction intelligent, système de gestion d'énergie.      
Post date: 11 aoû 2017
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  Updated 5.12.2017: Presentations now available online.     Venues: REHVA Headquarter, rue Washington 40 The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo, 38, 1050 Brussels, Belgium The REHVA Brussels Summit will launch a new sequence of REHVA meetings offering an intense 2-days event with a new concept and a revamped visual design.  
Post date: 26 juil 2017
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QUALICHeCK FACT SHEET #50: European certification of HVAC products can provide EPC input data  
Post date: 17 juil 2017
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 The 19th edition of ACREX will be held from 22-24 February 2018 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru. ACREX India 2018 will once again present the Build Fair Alliance – the successful integration with the Building Industry, having a focus on HVAC&R, Electrical &Plumbing Services and Fire Safety & Security Solutions.  
Post date: 27 juin 2017
Type: Évènement

Heating consumption in the residential sector in Europe is around 2300 TWh/y, Domestic Hot Water (DHW) consumption reaches 500 TWh/y, while cooling consumption is less than 100 TWh/y.   The EU funded BuildHEAT Project (Standardised approaches and products for the systemic retrofit of residential Buildings, focusing on HEATing and cooling consumptions attenuation) aims to drive change in the construction sector, bring information and coherence onto the market, facilitating the decision making and planning processes through:  
Post date: 20 juin 2017
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Beyond Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Advanced Demand-Side Management Applications   How can energy services companies (ESCOs) get in on the demand response action? Their first step is to become demand-side management (DSM) enabled beyond energy efficiency. Not only do Demand-Side Management applications contribute to environmental sustainability objectives, but they can also offer unprecedented opportunities for the buildings sector to reap multiple economic benefits beyond energy efficiency.  
Post date: 18 mai 2017
Type: Publication

IEA-EBC Annex 59: High Temperature Cooling and Low Temperature Heating in Buildings   The Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency Energy in Buildings and Communities programme (IEA EBC) approved the “IEA- EBC Annex 59 High Temperature Cooling and Low Temperature Heating in Buildings” in 2012. The project was completed in 2016.  
Post date: 25 avr 2017
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Building America Webinar: High-Performance HVAC: Low-load and Plug-n-Play HVAC Systems  
Post date: 3 mar 2017
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