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In Europe, 90% of our daily lives are spent indoors. We live, learn and work in buildings, and the environments within and around our buildings have a strong influence on our productivity, health and overall well-being.  
Post date: 21 mai 2020
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Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS Project description   An inclusive process for the urban sustainable energy transition to smart cities  
Post date: 12 mai 2020
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In this particular period of health epidemic linked to COVID-19, during which many construction sites are idling or even being closed, it is important to rethink the ways of organizing work in the construction sector and to think about the optimization of digital skills to allow the sector to be ever more efficient.  
Post date: 4 mai 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   DS²BE is a joint initiative of research groups working on sustainability issues at eight Belgian universities: Université libre de Bruxelles, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, KU Leuven, UCLouvain, Université de Liège, UHasselt, UAntwerpen and UGent.  
Post date: 28 avr 2020
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CONFERENCE NEW DATES The online conference will take place  on 2-4th November 2020   CONFERENCE AGENDA The work on the agenda is restarting now. Just as in the physical format, the conference agenda will be composed of the following elements, taking place on the virtual main stage and in the virtual rooms respectively:
Post date: 15 avr 2020
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Following the success of earlier events in the series, SEB-20, the Twelfth International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings is organised by the KES International and will be held in the format of a virtual conference this year.   SEB-20 invites participation and paper submissions across a broad range of sustainability and energy-related topics relevant to the main theme of Sustainability in Energy and Buildings.  
Post date: 10 avr 2020
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The theme for the 2020 Summer Study is “Efficiency: The Core of a Clean Energy Future.” We chose this theme in recognition of the rapidly evolving ecosystem of the energy industry. From resilience to health, from distributed energy resources to renewables to grid integration and virtual batteries, energy efficiency remains critical to our success. Whatever the surrounding goals for expansion of clean energy systems and services, the ability to design and operate efficient buildings is an essential foundational requirement.  
Post date: 6 avr 2020
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The crisis of climate change is bearing down on the places and people we love. Committed to forward motion, our community works quickly to reverse this course even as a widening disaster looms on the horizon.   Yet – why do we still show up for the fight every day? What drives us? The data is bleak. The trend lines are blinding. Any sane person would have thrown in the towel. So why do we keep showing up?   Hope.  
Post date: 20 mar 2020
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Join us to discuss 2020 themes on Circular Economy, Digital Twins, BIPV, Local Energy Communities, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure, and as always all sustainability topics are welcome.   The SP event has been postponed and will take place on the 27-30 October 2020.   Submission deadline is extended to 13th September 2020.
Post date: 20 mar 2020
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The IGC – International Greencities Congress brings together all the scientific content of the Greencities Forum through the presentation and exhibition of scientific communications. It is a space aimed at knowledge and new projects that contribute to the development of sustainable and intelligent cities.   Horizon 2030  
Post date: 6 mar 2020
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