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Use the HARP online tool to find out where your installed heating appliance fits on the energy label.   The tool is also there to help you find a replacement! Fill in a few details about the characteristics of your dwelling and get an overview of the different suitable alternatives and their benefits as well as contact details of installers and an overview of the available subsidies.  
Post date: 16 mar 2021
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The key objective of EEPLIANT2 is to help deliver the intended economic and environment benefits of the EU Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Directives by increasing the rates of compliance with the energy efficiency requirements. Seventeen Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) and a national agency from fifteen Member States work jointly to coordinate their monitoring, verification, and enforcement actions. In this regard, the project is expected to have a transnational impact across the EU Single Market.  
Post date: 9 avr 2019
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Initiated by the French association for the development of low carbon buildings (Association pour le développement du Bâtiment Bas Carbone-BBCA), the BBCA label for new office buildings was launched. This voluntary label attests the exemplary nature of the building carbon footprint. 
Post date: 30 mai 2016
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This is the title of the most recent publication summarising the results of almost a decade of Display activity. Display has been a beacon campaign of Energy Cities. Highlights of the report include: Findings from De Montfort University proving that the average movement of the buildings that have displayed an energy poster is higher than those that have not displayed a poster and this movement is even more significant when communication campaigns are carried out.
Post date: 14 juil 2011
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Post date: 28 fév 2010
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 Sustainable Building Alliance initiative reunites at the Board level the following organizations: USGBC (LEED), BRE (BREEAM), CSTB (HQE), DGNB (DGNB Certificate), FCAV (AQUA), VTT, ITC-CNR, IVE.
Post date: 3 jan 2010
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Post date: 2 jan 2010
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