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Are IoT, BIM, robotics and smart buildings a foreign language for your building professionals? Join us at one of Europe’s biggest building industry events to discover and share how the buildings sector could become fluent in digital technologies for smart, energy-efficient buildings.  
Post date: 18 fév 2019
Type: Évènement

A BUILD UP Skills event during the Barcelona Building CONSTRUMAT’19 international trade fair.  
Post date: 18 fév 2019
Type: Actualité

The BIMzeED project focuses on the training needs for the current and future construction industry with the main purpose to encourage 1) better employability 2) low-carbon growth, 3) green and nZEB skills 4) increase in youth employment. The challenge of the BIMzeED project is to overcome skills mismatching and improve employability in the current European construction market by improving and extending the existing skills of Trainers, SMEs, site managers, craftworkers and other experienced operatives.  
Post date: 13 fév 2019
Type: Lien

The FIT-TO-NZEB project aims to increase the competence and skills of the building professionals in all participating countries - Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Austria and Greece - through unique educational programmes and pilot training courses, which will contribute to both the quality and the scale of the deep energy building renovations.
Post date: 29 jan 2019
Type: Tool

This Topic includes all content relevant to the Theme "Construction skills for tomorrow's energy efficient buildings"
Post date: 18 oct 2018
Type: Sujet

The aim of this report is to present the results of the first part of the ECCoPro consultation process: October 2017 to January 2018. The first part of the report describes how a framework for holistic energy efficiency training of building professionals could operate. The second part presents an attempt to define key energy efficiency skills for each group of building professionals.
Post date: 15 oct 2018
Type: Publication

Concerted Action Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD) public stakeholder workshop   24 October 2017, Bucharest, Romania  
Post date: 26 déc 2017
Type: Actualité

UPDATE: The web recordings for this event have now been published.   This public stakeholder workshop, organised by the Concerted Action Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD), will take place at the Sheraton Hotel, in Bucharest, Romania, on 24 October (14:00-18:00 EET - 13:00-17:00 CET).  
Post date: 7 sep 2017
Type: Évènement

This Analytical Report, elaborated by the  European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO), aims to draw a snapshot of the current skills situation in the construction sector in the EU-28, in the context of Construction 2020, the strategic policy agenda for the construction sector in Europe, specifically focusing on skills under the Thematic Objective 2 “Improving the human-capital basis of the construc
Post date: 29 aoû 2017
Type: Publication

Early July 2017, the European Commission brought together industry leaders, finance professionals, policy makers, SMEs and start-ups to discuss how the construction’s value chain could meet its ever-evolving challenges.   The 2017 Construction Conference: Let's build changes! assessed the main trends, strategies and roles of major actors, including the public sector.   Four break-out sessions were organised to tackle these challenges thematically:
Post date: 27 juil 2017
Type: Actualité