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The contest was aimed at a BBC 2005 Effinergie consumption level. We have reached the Passive level for the Media Library.  
Post date: 9 juin 2020
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The Lycée pour Professions de Santé in Ettelbruck, now the largest wooden building in the Grand Duchy, is a pilot project. It is indeed the first Luxembourg public building with positive energy. It is also the first in Luxembourg to aim for a "Minergie-P- ECO" certification. In addition to the comfort of the occupants, which reaches its highest level thanks to this certification, it is also the ecological footprint of the building that has been at the centre of attention since the design phase.  
Post date: 19 avr 2020
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Located between the Bank of England and St Paul’s Cathedral, Bloomberg’s new European headquarters occupies 3.2 acres and will provide approximately 1.1 million square feet of sustainable office space. Clad in traditional stone and bronze, the building is sympathetic to its context and will improve the surrounding public realm.   Innovation Highlights:  
Post date: 6 avr 2020
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Bringing nature back into cities can help fight global warming.   Fighting climate change is the challenge of the century. The last UN Environment Emissions Gap Report warned that, in order to ensure global warming stays below 2°C, efforts should be tripled, and if we want to stay below 1.5°C, they should be increased around five times.  
Post date: 1 fév 2019
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  Transitional spaces are meant as “a space in between indoor and outdoor climate, or between two indoor environments, which thermal characteristics can be or not modified by mechanical control system and where occupant may experience the dynamic effect of this change”. Nowadays, transitional spaces are pivotal in non-residential architecture and the proportion of such areas may vary between 10% up to 40% of the total volume depending on the typology. Mixed-mode buildings are desings with by both active and passive systems.
Post date: 21 sep 2018
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Ventilation is already present in buildings through mechanical and/or natural systems and it can remove excess heat gains as well as increase air velocities and thereby also widen the thermal comfort range. IEA Annex 62 experts developed guidelines for an energy-efficient reduction of the risk of overheating by ventilative cooling solutions and for design and operation of ventilative cooling in both residential and commercial buildings.
Post date: 25 mai 2018
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Although EPBD stated that minimum energy performance requirements shall take into account indoor climate conditions, many member states neglected indoor environmental issues while implementing energy conservation policies. As a result, nZEB rush pushed towards high insulated and airtight buildings, which resulted in an increased overheating risk during summer and shoulder seasons in both residential and non-residential buildings.  
Post date: 26 avr 2018
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The abstracts submission for the RoomVent and Ventilation 2018 Conferences “Excellent indoor climate and high performing ventilation” is now open. Abstracts are due November 30 2017.   Details of the requirements and the submission process are available on the conference website.   
Post date: 19 oct 2017
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Natural Ventilation in a Smart Building can remarkably reduce cooling energy demand in temperate climates—to Zero for almost the entire year.   The first part of this webinar will focus on the design and performance of natural ventilation systems through case studies of different Zero-Net-Energy (ZNE) buildings in California that aggressively adopted this design strategy, and used conventional systems. The webinar will also elaborate on what practical problems were encountered and the outcomes—i.e., what were the “lessons learned”.  
Post date: 22 sep 2017
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Methodology Applied to the Evaluation of Natural Ventilation in Residential Building Retrofits: A Case Study   
Post date: 7 avr 2017
Type: Publication