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Registration   This web conference will be animated during the week by Frédéric Musselin (EM SREB graduate), Bruno Mesureur (International Consultant in Construction) and moderated by Stéphanie Merger (EM SREB student) and Karen Peyronnin (Head of Executive Masters at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech).   The objectives of this international web conference will be:  
Post date: 29 mar 2021
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BPIE – Buildings Performance Institute Europe has released a new report highlighting that despite industry efforts to decarbonise building portfolios, retail real estate asset managers and owners lack a sector-specific trajectory towards achieving climate-neutrality.
Post date: 24 fév 2021
Type: Actualité

To meet ambitious climate goals, leading local and state governments are adopting ambitious energy efficiency policies that require building owners to make substantial capital investments in their properties. In affordable multifamily buildings, these costs could threaten the viability of owners’ operations, result in financial burdens for low-income residents, and disproportionately impact communities of color, exacerbating economic and racial inequities.
Post date: 18 sep 2020
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Post date: 24 aoû 2020
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Energy efficiency is now a fundamental part of doing business in real estate and property management. If companies miss out, they risk falling behind in terms of market competitiveness. This City Energy Project resource provides a multidimensional, in-depth look at the business case for energy efficiency in buildings. It provides an overview of the basic financial arithmetic of energy savings, avoided operating costs, net income, and value, as well as a summary of case study data on what this arithmetic has meant to real projects and companies.
Post date: 21 aoû 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.  
Post date: 12 mai 2020
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Why come to MIPIM? Exhibition: With 22,000 m² exhibition space, MIPIM is the premier real estate event expo to discover opportunities and meet key international stakeholders.   Conferences: A leading programme of 130+ conference sessions providing expert insight into key sectors and property hotspots.  
Post date: 15 jan 2020
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2019 kicked off with a pipeline full of opportunities for institutional investors. Some real estate deals have been on hold since last year and have been waiting for someone to seize the opportunity; others have been waiting for timing and conditions to be defined. The trend is caracterized by private equity funds which continue to buy strategic assets in order to enhance their portfolios whilst trying to commercialize already held assets to regain liquidity and maximize their total returns.
Post date: 23 sep 2019
Type: Publication

The document starts with a brief section listing the key outcomes of the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (H2020 CRREM project).   Sections A provides an introduction to the CRREM project and background information on ‘stranding risk’. Section B describes global and EU policies on climate change mitigation as well as international standards on the assessment of greenhouse gases.  
Post date: 10 juil 2019
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REbuild is international: every year the event presents the best case studies in Italy and across the world, to find radical, concrete, effective, market-based approaches. For this reason, the convention is held both in Italian and in English and involves several foreign speakers in order to hear firsthand experiences   (RE) MAKING CITIES  
Post date: 17 juin 2019
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