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This webinar explores the role of different actors, regulations and market models, and digital data and technologies in the provision of flexibility in energy demand that is so critical for the transition to a zero-emission energy system and smart grid characterised by high shares of volatile renewable energy resources.  
Post date: 4 juin 2021
Type: Évènement

COME RES - Community Energy for the uptake of renewables in the electricity sector. Connecting long-term visions with short-term actions – is a project under the EU’s Horizon2020 programme, aimed at facilitating the market uptake of renewable energy sources (RES) in the electricity sector. Specifically, the project focusses on advancing renewable energy communities (RECs) as per the EU’s recast Renewable Energy Directive.
Post date: 2 juin 2021
Type: Lien

Housing Europe and The International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) invite you to join the first webinar of a series of three looking at the challenges and opportunities that exist in the EU to develop energy communities, in the scope of the Horizon2020 NRG2peers project
Post date: 25 mai 2021
Type: Évènement

LocalRES project will deploy innovative local energy systems driven by renewable energy communities for a socially fair energy transformation that puts renewable energy into the hands of communities and people. LocalRES will deliver new digital tools that will boost the expected structural change in the current energy system at different levels:  
Post date: 24 mai 2021
Type: Lien

The objective of the Cervera HySGRID+ network  is to strengthen the technological capacity of Spanish Technology Centres with a high level of complementarity and promote their solid cooperation with the ultimate aim of researching and developing new technological solutions that facilitate the creation of local energy positive balance communities (LEPC) with high efficiency and based on hybrid renewable power and storage systems.  
Post date: 10 mai 2021
Type: Lien

ZERO POLLUTION for healthier people and planet  
Post date: 4 mai 2021
Type: Évènement

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy – Europe, H2020 projects C-Track 50 and PentaHelix are joining forces for a unique joint event series for local/regional public authorities and their stakeholders, entitled “GET READY FOR 2050”.
Post date: 22 avr 2021
Type: Évènement

Concept:   More and more energy communities are being established in Europe, and an estimated 98 million Europeans are expected to join them by 2050. The EU-funded REScoopVPP project will establish the most advanced community-driven smart building ecosystem for energy communities.  
Post date: 26 jan 2021
Type: Lien

In the updated Renewable Energy Directive II, the EU clearly considers community energy as a key factor for future Renewable Energy market uptake and mandates Member States to implement regulatory frameworks for enabling and facilitating this process.  
Post date: 15 déc 2020
Type: Actualité

Tue 20, October 2020 11:30 - 13:00 CET   Please sign in with EU Login to vote.  
Post date: 23 sep 2020
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