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François Durier

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Mise en oeuvre de l'arrêté du 25 janvier 2013 relatif à l'éclairage nocturne des bâtiments non résidentiels afin de limiter les nuisances lumineuses et les consommations d'énergie - Bilan au 31 janvier 2014

Since 1 July 2013, the french regulation requires that light in offices and shops as well as building facade illumination is turned off at night.This document from the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Devlopment and Energy proposes an...

Bâtiment et énergie

This series of web pages from the French Ministry of Housing describe the policy and measures taken in France in order to optimise the energy consumption of buildings. These energy policies are divided into three policy instruments: regulation,...

French plan for energy renovation of housing: first positive results

A French national plan for the energy renovation of housing was launched in September 2013. Its objectives are to renovate 500,000 dwellings per year by 2017 and achieve a 38% reduction of energy consumption by 2020. More than 1.2 billion euros of...

Bâtiment économe en énergie – Les clés pour réussir un projet de construction ou de rénovation

This guide from the French regional programme "Programme Énergie Climat Bourgogne" in Burgundy presents the key points to build and renovate a building and achieve good energy efficiency. It tells you what an energy efficient building is and its...

Energy performance certificates

After presenting the legal context, this presentation shows the role of building energy performance certificates as a policy instrument, from a recent study commissioned by the European Commission ("Energy performance certificates in buildings and...

Energy efficiency trends in buildings in the EU

This presentation shows an overview of statistical data about: 1. Household energy trends in Europe: regular decrease of the household energy consumption per dwelling at normal climate since 2000: -1.4%/year 2. Penetration of renewables for...

One-stop shop for energy efficiency in buildings in France

Announced by the French President within his Sustainable Housing Plan in March 2013, the “one-stop-shop” for housing energy renovation was launched in September 2013. This scheme will help to increase the number of housing energy renovations in...

Le plan de rénovation énergétique de l'habitat

In March 2013, the French Government announced a National Plan for the energy renovation of 500,000 dwellings until 2017.This ambitious objective respond to economical issues (creating jobs), environmental issues (saving energy) and social issues (...

J'éco-rénove J'économise - Eco-rénover votre logement devient aujourd’hui plus facile et moins cher!

This brochure is intended to encourage French citizens to operate energy renovation works in their housing.It emphasizes the fact that energy renovation has became easier and cheaper. It gives examples of works that contribute to an energy...

L’éco-prêt logement social pour la rénovation énergétique

In  2013, the French Government announced  a plan for the energy renovation of 120,000 social dwellings until 2017. The challenge is to renovate the most consuming dwellings in order to reduce energy costs for tenants.The main incentive within this...