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François Durier

Director of Development and Parnerships, CETIAT  (Non-profit)

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Aides financières 2014 - Comment financer la performance énergétique de votre logement ?

This brochure describes the French financial public incentives related to the improvement of the energy performance of  residential buildings that are available in 2014.They include:- tax credits,- reduced VAT,- zero interest loans,- subsidies,- ...

Tableau de bord 2013 de la labellisation BBC-Effinergie

This document is the 2013 annual report of the following French labelling schemes for low energy buildings:- BBC-Effinergie for renovated buildings (this label was also given to new buildings for building permits issued until 31/12/2012), -...

Gutachten zur Umsetzung von Artikel 14 der Richtlinie über die Gesamtenergieeffizienz von Gebäuden

Article 14 of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (2010/31/EU) requires a regular inspection of heating systems with a boiler of more than 20 kW. As an alternative, Member States may opt for measures that ensure the provision of advice to...

Energieeffizienzpolitik als Beitrag zum Klimaschutz - Analyse der Umsetzung der EU-Gebäude-Richtlinie in Deutschland (Bereich Wohngebäude)

This thesis from the University of Lüneburg (Germany) examines the process of implementation of the EPBD for residential buildings in Germany between 2003 and 2010. New context specific criteria are developed to describe the formal transposition and...

Entwicklung eines Konzepts zur energetischen Inspektion von Lüftungs- und Klimaanlagen in Nichtwohngebaüden gemäss §12 der EnEV 2009

This bachelor thesis aims at defining a precise methodology to facilitate the inspection of air conditioning systems according to the German regulation EnEV 2009 (article 12).The report first examines what are the difficulties and obstacles for the...

Gebäudeenergiesysteme im Jahr 2020

This presentation was given by the Fachhochschule Burgenland at the Fachtagung "gesundheizen" (conference about healthy heating) that took place on 25 September, 2013 in Vienna, organised by the Environment Departments of the Austrian Länder of...

Energy efficiency in buildings in EU countries

This 3 pages synthesis from the German economic research institute CESifo proposes an overview of the national policies of the EU Member States about building energy effciency, in the framework of the transposition of the EPBD and the implementation...

Nearly zero energy hotels - The IEE project NEZEH

The NeZEH project (Nearly zero energy hotels) aims to accelerate the rate of refurbishment of existing hotels into Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB), by: - providing technical advice to hoteliers for nZEB renovations, - demonstrating the...

Retours d'expériences (REX) - Bâtiments performants et risques - Résultats 2012

This report from the French programme "Règles de l'Art Grenelle Environnement 2012" gives the conclusions of a survey operated on 311 recent low energy buildings in France (62% new, 38% renovated - two thirds residential, one third non residential)...

Systèmes solaires combinés en habitat individuel - Rénovation - Recommandations professionnelles

These French professional rules concern solar combisystems provinding space heating and hot water to renovated houses or existing houses with a new system.The rules include three parts in three separate documents:- The first part (121 pages)...