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Portrait de François Durier

François Durier

Director of Development and Parnerships, CETIAT  (Non-profit)

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Zusammenfassung der Studie: "Chancen der energetischen Inspektion für Gesetzgeber, Anlagenbetreiber und die Branche"

A German research project was operated in 2012-2013 by ILK Dresden, schiller engineering and FGK. Its objectives were:- to study the level of implementation of the inspection of air conditioning systems as required by article 12 of the German Energy...

Punkte-Bewertung Heizungs-Check

This leaflet from the German association VdZ (Forum for Energy Efficiency in Building Equipment) aims to explain to consumers how a periodical check and inspection of the heating system can help to keep a high energy efficiency and a reasonable...

SEEP - Sistema de Etiquetagem energética de Produtos

The Energy Labelling System (SEEP), a project sponsored by ADENE (Portuguese Agency for Energy), rates, on a voluntary basis, the energy performance of products used in buildings. It serves as a tool to encourage better decisions and greater savings...

Charte pour l’efficacité énergétique des bâtiments tertiaires publics et privés

French public and commercial buildings account for almost 850 million square meters and are characterized by high levels of energy consumption. A French law of the 12 July 2010 requires the energy renovation of commercial buildings within an 8 year...

Official release of the report ¨State of Play of Sustainable Building in France 2012¨

The report on sustainable construction in France was published on the website of UNEP in December 2013.UNEP- SBCI (The United Nation’s Environment Programme’s Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative) asked the Centre Scientifique et Technique du...

2ème Journée de la Pompe à Chaleur

Organisée par AFPAC et UNICLIMA, cette journée d'informations et d'échanges montrera que la filière PAC est en France un acteur incontournable de la transition énergétique.La 2ème Journée de la Pompe à Chaleur est placée sous le haut patronage de...

4ème Congrès Français des Pompes à Chaleur

Le 4ème Congrès Français des Pompes à Chaleur aura lieu à Paris le 18 septembre 2014. Organisé par l'Institut National des Pompes à Chaleur (INPAC), il constituera une occasion unique d’informations et d’échanges sur les travaux de recherche menés...

Großes Potenzial für die Modernisierung veralteter Klimatechnik

In many buildings in Germany, old air conditioning systems operate with costs which are too high and with a potential of energy efficiency improvement that is not easy to define. The inspection of air conditioning systems as required by § 12 of the...

Ispezione, controllo e manutenzione degli impianti termici dalla legge 10/91 al Decreto del Presidente della Republica 16 aprile 2013, n. 74

This slide presentation from ACEER Toscana (Associazione Certificatori Energetici Energy manager Regione Toscana) provides information about the Italian legislation concerning inspection, control and maintenance of heating and air conditioning...

Cumplimiento de requisitos medioambientales exigidos a las instalaciones térmicas

This slide presentation from Vaillant describes the Spanish regulation concerning energy and environmental performance of heating systems.It describes how the Spanish Building Code (Código Técnico de la Edificación - CTE) has transposed the EPBD...