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Cosmina Marian

Communication Associate, BPIE (Non-profit)

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ExcEED project: filling the database gap on energy performance

The realities behind the collection of data on the energy performance of buildings   This is the first issue in a series of factsheets that the EU-funded project ExcEED will publish on a range of diverse topics related to data...

Ocena i przyszłość systemu świadectw charakterystyki energetycznej w Polsce

Punktem wyjścia do ich zorganizowania były wnioski z marcowego spotkania (pt. Czy pakiet KE ‘Czysta energia dla wszystkich Europejczyków’ pomoże w walce ze smogiem w Polsce?). Jego uczestnicy zauważyli, że skutecznie działający system świadectw może...

EmBuild: Barriers that hinder deep renovation in the building sector

This report focuses on the main barriers to deep renovation that municipalities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia have to face. The barriers are divided into six groups which correspond to the categories identified by BPIE...

EmBuild addressing barriers to deep renovation

A call for sound renovation strategies with new factsheets in six selected countries   The second renovation strategies due in 2017 are an opportunity to overcome barriers and to boost deep renovation of the existing building...

Primary Energy Factor (PEF) and energy performance of buildings

The role of the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) in determining the energy performance of buildings   In this BPIE policy brief publication;   BPIE proposes using delivered energy as the main building performance indicator to...

EmBuild: How to improve the renovation investment climate at local level

This report presents possible measures for improving the renovation investment climate at local level. It includes measures of a more general nature as well as country-specific recommendations. The main objective of this document is to present...

EmBuild: Guide to raising awareness about renovation

The recommendations and suggestions in this guide are aimed at local energy efficiency practitioners such as energy managers, energy officers, other experts and personnel involved in planning and applying energy efficiency measures; who also have...

EmBuild: Guidance note on stakeholder involvement in renovation measures

This work has been done in the framework of the EU-funded project - EmBuild. It involves institutions from Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Belgium and Slovenia. It was set up to empower public authorities at local and...

Smart buildings decoded. A concept beyond the buzzword: BPIE report

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) put the finishing touches on its comprehensive work on smart buildings, providing a working definition of a ‘smart building’ and making detailed policy recommendations to encourage their growth. The...

Trigger points as a “must” in national renovation strategies

The introduction of trigger points in national renovation strategies is an effective tool to drive deep renovation.   About 75% of the EU building stock is not energy efficient, and 75 to 85% of it will still be in use in 2050. Increasing the...