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Cosmina Marian

Communication Associate, BPIE (Non-profit)

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Smart consumers and smart buildings: the active role of buildings in a transforming energy system

Smart consumers and smart buildings: the active role of buildings in a transforming energy system EUSEW 2016 conference organised by BPIE   Through this event we aim to inform and enable decision makers, industry and innovators...

Smart strategies and policies for sustainable shopping centres: EUSEW Energy Day event

Smart strategies and policies for sustainable shopping centres: energy efficient and cost-competitive retrofitting solutions   An Energy Day organised as a parallel event of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). This event takes...

Driving Transformational Change in the Construction Value Chain: BPIE report

The building sector is key to achieving the transition to a low-carbon economy, and examples of industrialisation processes with positive results on the ground and reduced costs are already out there waiting to be replicated. The regulatory and...

Renovating Germany’s Building Stock

This report finds that within 15 years, a large part of the German Building stock can be renovated cost-effectively, achieving significant energy savings. This is achievable through different combinations of policy tools and targeted support...

Financing Building Energy Performance Improvement in Poland

An effective renovation strategy supported by proper financing schemes can solve vital environmental problems such as lowering CO2-emissions and improving air quality. However, although a large variety of financing mechanisms exists and a lot of...

Scaling up initiatives supporting the energy renovation of buildings

In light of the recent COP21 agreement, efforts to decrease CO2 emissions will have to increase significantly. Building renovations can be part of the solution as this would substantially lower Europe’s CO2 emissions. However, scaling up renovation...

Renovation in practice: BPIE report of European best practices

Renovation in practice. Best practice examples of voluntary and mandatory initiatives across Europe This report finds that a variety of already successful building renovation approaches could inspire the future development of...

EPISCOPE tool- monitoring the residential stock and energy refurbishment progress

The tool allows users to view statistical data related to the energy performance of residential buildings. The tool shows the characteristics of the current state of the housing stock for 20 countries and the determined modernisation trends based on...

Towards an energy efficient European housing stock – mapping, modelling and monitoring refurbishment processes: Experts workshop

Making the energy-refurbishment processes in the European housing sector transparent and effective is a crucial step towards achieving the EU’s climate mitigation targets. In this context, building stock models to assess refurbishment processes and...

EASEE Solution Workshop: “From design to implementation: innovative retrofitting approaches”

The 28th edition of Restructura (26-29 November 2015) in Turin will offer main actors from the construction chain the possibility to discover innovative technologies which have been developed within the European EASEE project for energy efficiency...