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On-bill schemes to deliver the Renovation Wave and economic recovery: RenOnBill policy briefing

Accessible, easy and sufficient funding is key to speed up renovations in the EU. The EU Renovation Wave strategy, published in 2020, estimates the additional investment to double current renovation rates at around €90 billion per year. Public...

Better energy performance certificates through innovation: X-tendo presents the first implementation steps of its 10 features

To fully unlock the potential and benefits of EPCs, the existing certification regimes at Member State level have to be properly implemented and endorsed, supported by well-functioning management, control and monitoring mechanisms.   In order to do...

ComAct, the new H2020 project set to lift citizens in CEE and CIS region out of energy poverty by developing and piloting a set of community tailored actions website

In 2019, 6.9% of the EU population said in an EU-wide survey that they could not afford to heat their home sufficiently.   Energy poverty represents a problem all over Europe, and is particularly high in the East, South, South-Eastern and Baltic...

Ambience H2020 prepares to launch a platform that will help ESCOs include demand side flexibility in their energy services offering

The H2020 project AmBIENCe has introduced the novel concept of Active Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC), which looks to harness a building’s energy performance potential by incorporating flexibility and demand response in addition to energy...

The new factsheets by RenOnBill give an overview on the residential building sector in Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain

With its new factsheets, the Horizon 2020 project RenOnBill provides key insights on the residential building sector of its four focus countries: Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.   Each factsheet, available also in the respective national...

New report by RenOnBill gives ten business model frameworks to implement on-bill schemes (OBS) in the EU

  On-bill schemes are between the most flexible and innovative solutions to facilitate the uptake of energy efficiency upgrades in residential buildings, according to new report by H2020 project RenOnBill: they can be easily adapted to specific...

Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) models towards smart flexible buildings

Delivering services to buildings based on an Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) model provides a new opportunity to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs and grid operators) aiming to generate new business or improve existing ones,...

Understanding the value of data: new X-tendo report outlines user needs and technical specifications of innovative EPC features

The EPBD and its revisions in 2010 and 2018 strengthened the provisions related to Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) by setting out that the Member States have to provide information to owners and tenants on the purpose and objectives of EPCs,...

The European Renovation Wave: From Words to Action

The building sector, as it stands today, is a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the European Union. It remains highly dependent on fossil fuels, has yet to embrace circularity, and is not seeing the renovation activity necessary...


Understanding end-user perspectives is crucial for the development and roll-out of new features for energy performance certificates (EPCs).   Without a full insight into what end- users want and need for the next generation of EPCs it will be...