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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Energy Savings Opportunities: webinar

AI: The Missing Smart Step to Better Buildings   On 9 November 2017,  DEXMA Product Director Daniel Utges will be hosting a free webinar on how to scale energy efficiency with AI. This free online training session is open to all...

Free Data Quality Training for Energy Managers

Every energy manager relies on energy data to make intelligent energy decisions, lower energy costs and increase energy productivity.  But it is important to consider that the quality of your energy decisions is directly dependent on the quality of...

Closing the Building Energy Performance Gap: combining automation with analytics

Optimising Building Performance with Energy Analytics   Did you know that buildings tend to consume between 1.5 and 2.5 times the amount of energy originally predicted by their designers?  This alarming statistic is known as the ...

Meet the EP100: Energy Productivity with The Climate Group

Using Better Energy Better   Energy productivity is all about maximising every single unit of energy to generate greater economic output - in other words, doing more with less.   Businesses have a crucial role to play in...

Optimising Building Performance

The nexus of energy management and control   Combining real-time energy monitoring and analytics with equipment performance and control means your building is fully optimized. But what are the tools, strategies and best practices...

Adding Value to your ESCO: From Demand Side Management to Demand Response

Beyond Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Advanced Demand-Side Management Applications   How can energy services companies (ESCOs) get in on the demand response action? Their first step is to become demand-side management (DSM...

From Demand Side Management to Demand Response: webinar

  Add Value with Advanced Demand-Side Management   Demand Side Management (DSM) is evolving fast. Abundant new techniques and technologies are now available for application in buildings: HVAC optimisation, integrating on-site...

Energy Management for SMEs: Best practices from energy experts

Building Up SME Energy Productivity   On their own, SMEs don’t consume huge amounts of energy. But collectively, their energy demand is a different story. The IEA estimates SMEs consume around 13% of total global energy...

Datalogger Essentials for Energy Management

Webinar: What is a datalogger?   Energy mangaement starts and ends with data, but when it comes to actually gathering that data in the first place, things can get confusing.  With many devices on the market and a myriad of...

Energy Management for SMEs: Can They Go Beyond the 11%?

 [WEBINAR]: Dr. Steve Fawkes on Energy Efficiency for SMEs   Even after they start generating profits, small and medium-sized businesses need to keep an eye on their energy consumption. It's too far too easy for energy costs to...