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5th ETICS International Conference 2018

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EAE's Polish member association Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Systemów Ociepleń (SSO) is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2018 with its 5th ETICS International Conference. The variety of topics covers aspects of product assessments, inspections, and latest information on technical developments related to External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS). Speakers represent different parties involved in the construction process, such as research and test institutes, associations, supervisors. Speakers from different EU Member States will have lectures. Among those one speaker from the US market. The European Association for ETICS (EAE) will contribute a speech about ETICS-on-ETICS application, upgrading the thermal resistance of existing ETICS facades.

Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Systemów Ociepleń (SSO)

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