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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of May our topic is 'Renovation of existing buildings'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?


  • Deep renovation: paradigm and technology packages for historic and existing residential building cases
  • Deep renovation technology packages
  • User/ Building interactions, User behaviour, user motivation
  • Build Value, co-benefits and externalities
  • Owner vs tenants dilemma in building deep renovation decision process
  • Technical - economic - politic approach for supporting building stock renovation
  • Construction skills for tomorrow's energy efficient buildings
  • EPBD and related EU directives
  • National nZEB penetration and building stock renovation (transformation) plan
  • Restorative and regenerative building: overall design, construction approach

Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles


renewable energyOVERVIEW| BIPV Technologies and market overview.  Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems represent a technical solution to integrate Renewable Energy Systems (RES) in buildings. BIPV technologies can have a dual purpose: serving as a building envelope component and as power generation system at the same time.


Expert talks


expert.jpgExpert Interview - Jessica Grove-Smith, Joint Managing Director & Senior Scientist at Passive House Institute.  Grove-Smith's areas of expertise include energy efficient building solutions according to the Passive House standard worldwide, the interrelationships between efficiency and renewable energies (the PER concept) and deep energy efficiency for public indoor swimming pools.




Webinar: Building Renovation Passports & One-Stop-Shops for public building.  Renovation of both public and private buildings is one of the main goals of the European Green Deal. To address this situation, the EU launched the Renovation Wave, a new strategy which aims to double annual energy renovation rates by 2030, cutting emissions and boosting economic recovery.


Energy retrofitting of public buildings: how to catch up?  Faced with the current health, economic and ecological crisis, the French government launched last year a massive investment plan for the energy renovation of public buildings. How will this money be invested? Will it allow France to catch up on the energy efficiency of public buildings?




4RinEU Deep Renovation Game. 4RinEU launches an online game to teach young students the benefits of deep energy renovation. What does deep energy renovation mean? How can I manage the budget to renovate my home? What are the most suitable technologies? Play and find out! 


“My Europe 2050” e-learning tool. My Europe in 2050 lets you choose how we will change the European "Machine" in the next decades. How we will move, live, eat and consume, how we will change the agriculture, transport, energy generation and production systems. 




original.jpgEuropean Commission should intensify political action in 2021 to align Renovation Wave with EU Climate Targets, BPIE says. In its new analysis of the Renovation Wave, BPIE urges the European Commission to intensify political coordination and coherence in the implementation phase of the Renovation Wave strategy, to ensure full decarbonisation of the EU building stock in line with EU climate goals.


original.jpgConsumers will only renovate their homes if it’s easy and affordable. Consumers are willing and ready to play their part in this green housing transition, but they will need guidance and support along the way. Home renovation is both expensive and complex. Buying a state-of-the-art heat pump or investing in a full heating insulation of your home is a major investment for most consumers.




UIPI survey: European Property Owners' readiness and capacity to renovate. By approaching how the sector and households are adapting and making their properties more climate friendly, and how the Covid-19 has affected their objectives, we can now draw a more accurate picture of where property owners stand regarding renovation.


Integrating low-temperature renewables in district energy systems. This guidebook provides guidelines for policy makers and examples of available tools and solutions to facilitate the use of low-temperature renewable heat sources in new and existing district energy systems.




resalta.jpgBOTA project. The Bota Solar project reinvents the building facing Rogier square in Brussels. On top of the Bota Solar building, an urban park will be integrated under the solar structure. Visitors have access to a green oasis covered by a magical solar roof. With a little bit of fantasy, one could imagine standing underneath a starlit sky. Quite an experience with a 360° view of old Brussels!


resalta.jpgHouse Moroder - Bolzano (Italy). The historic residential building is located in the city center of Bolzano. It was built in 1926, near the old town, and it has hardly been changed on the outside, thanks to well thought-out renovation measures from the inside which ensure a new level of comfort and a minimization of the energy demand of the building.




sykesLIFE VISIONS : InnoVative photocatalytIc paintS for healthy envirOnment and eNergy Saving.  LIFE VISIONS project investigates the potential of a photocatalytically active construction material as a technology for achieving better indoor air quality throughout Europe. It also represents an opportunity for the development and implementation of a new de-polluting European strategy.


sykesETIPWind project. Established in 2016 to inform research and innovation policy at European and national level, the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Wind Energy (ETIPWind) provides a public platform to wind energy stakeholders to identify priorities and foster innovations.


sykesSO WHAT project.  SO WHAT main objective is to develop and demonstrate an integrated software which will support industries and energy utilities in selecting, simulating and comparing alternative Waste Heat and Waste Cold exploitation technologies that could cost-effectively balance the local forecasted H&C demand also via renewable energy sources (RES) integration.



Get ready for June's Topic of the Month 'Renewable energy communities' and prepare your next publications.


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