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Level(s) - The European framework for sustainable buildings

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Credits: European Commission

Level(s) is a new European approach to assess and report on the sustainability performance of buildings, throughout the full life cycle of buildings.


Using existing standards, the Level(s) framework with its indicators provides a common language for building sustainability, which can be used directly on building projects and portfolios, or as a basis for other initiatives, policies, schemes and actions, to include life cycle thinking and circularity.


Level(s) brings minimum numbers of indicators, with maximum leverage to deliver sustainability. It tracks performance across the various stages of a building project, to give a complete picture throughout the full lifecycle.


Use Level(s) to bring your building project into the circular economy!


Within the Level(s) framework, each indicator is designed to link the individual building’s impact with sustainability priorities at the European level.


This allows Level(s) users to focus on a manageable number of essential concepts and indicators that contribute to achieving EU and national environmental policy goals.


Read more about it in the flyer attached and here.

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