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X-tendo toolbox

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The X-tendo toolbox enables you, as a public authority or implementing agency, to improve the current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scheme of your country, evolving towards the next-generation.


The elements of the X-tendo toolbox include for each of the features, the following components:


  • Problem and solution, an approach based on good practice examples from existing experiences and derived guidelines on how to replicate them.
  • Methodological approaches for next-generation EPC features.
  • Calculation procedures, supporting transparency, understanding and implementation of new EPC features.
  • Implementation guidelines and recommendations on how to embed the innovative features in existing EPC framework.

The X-tendo partners will make sure the features and their development meet the following four key cross-cutting criteria:


  • Good quality and reliability of EPCs: How to ensure a reliable implementation and calculation in practice?
  • User-friendliness: How to meet end user needs and expectations? How to ensure a smooth transition from static and paper-based documents to digital dynamic information?
  • Economic feasibility: How to ensure that all features are economically feasible?
  • Consistency with ISO/CEN standards: Which main standards are relevant for the different features? How to enhance consistence with ISO/CEN standards?

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